Thursday, July 17, 2008


Don't worry; I haven't forgotten about the New Kids! I am still keeping my solemn vigil until the Nov. 11 NKOTB concert by posting a video on the 11th of each month. This month, vacation got in the way, so I am nearly a week late. I promise this video will be well worth it.

This is their newest video, "Summertime." Now, at first glance it may appear to be nothing but three solid minutes of wrinkly, 40-something-year-old married men climbing all over 18-year-old bikini models. If you visit YouTube, however, you can find a three-part series about the making of this video. Donnie explains that it has a very detailed, serious plot. They're simply enduring the bikini models for the sake of art. Also, they worked very hard on this video. Jon tells us that on one of the days of the video shoot, they had to get up as early as EIGHT A.M. to dance with these bikini models.

Gosh, I hate to see them suffering like this.


Anonymous said...

So have you got your bikini picked out yet? I'm very disappointed that you let something trivial like a vacation get in the way of the vigil.

Karen's sister said...

Goodness, nothing ever changes. Its all Donnie, Joe, and Jordan, while Jon and Danny just kind of, well... not do too much, just like in the old days. I didn't know a single person who liked Danny the best. The only evidence that girls even thought he was cute were occassional snippets of letters in Bop magazine. Those were probably fake.

David E said...

Now I'm in trouble!!! I was NEVER a NKOB fan, could not sand them.....I am a few years older.

Anyway, I just clicked on the video and my 11year son started singing along! Must be something they actually play on 93.3?

His life is ruined.....