Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Moose drool, wolf pups, bear poop

Last night we ate at a fun restaurant called The Chocolate Moose, and Jay ordered a kind of beer called "Moose Drool." He said it wasn't really that good, but he just had to ask the waitress to bring him some Moose Drool.

Today we visited the International Wolf Center. This is a really fun museum devoted entirely to wolves. A pack of wolves lives in a special habitat at the center, and this pack now includes two wolf pups that are only a few months old. When we were on vacation in South Dakota last year, we bought WCK a book about "forest babies", and it includes a photo of a wolf pup. We've been reading this book for a year, but for some reason, WCK became obsessed with the wolf pup just a few weeks ago. She kept saying she wanted to go outside and look for wolf pups. When we told her we'd see actual wolf pups in Minnesota, she could hardly contain herself. At last, the big day was here.

When we arrived, we were told there would be a Wolf Pup Demonstration. We had to wait FOREVER for it to begin (OK, it was, like, 10 minutes, but that is 10 hours in toddler time). Finally, the program started ... and the Wolf Expert Guy announced that he would speak for about 20 minutes on the topic of wolf pups before the wolf pups were actually brought out. This equals about a day and a half in toddler time. WCK endured this the best she could, mainly by asking, "Where are the wolf pups? Where are the wolf pups? Where are the wolf pups?"

Finally, the wolf pups we had been dreaming of for weeks (or perhaps years -- in toddler time) appeared, and ... they promptly lay down and fell asleep. WCK gazed at them for about a minute, and then announced to the entire auditorium that she wanted a snack. We decided to go.

Outside the Wolf Center, we had a great time playing on some wolf statues. They seemed a bit friskier than the actual live wolves.

Later in the day, we went to the North American Bear Center. It's pretty much the same thing, only with bears. This time, we actually saw some real, live bears wandering around. The hands-on children's area included ... some rubber bear poop for the kids to play with. I'm not making this up. WCK latched on to the rubber bear poop and carried it around for quite a while.


Don said...

Oh hey, I really like Moose Drool. One of my favorites - it's just a nice brown ale. But you gotta like brown ale ...

Anonymous said...

I would agree Moose Drool isn't quite my favorite beer either, but my dad got hooked on it when they were up in the north woods and actually brings a WHOLE CASE back to where they live in Iowa every year! Crazy.