Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Three percent

The American Society of Clinical Oncology recently released some good stats. If you are a newly diagnosed myeloma patient taking Revlimid and low-dose dex, your chances of surviving the next two years are 93 percent. (There aren't any stats beyond two years yet, because Revlimid is so new). If you're a totally healthy person who doesn't have myeloma, your chances of surviving the next two years are 96 percent.

This means you only have to worry about me three percent more than you'd worry about a regular person.


David E said...

Thanks for the comments over on my blog - I lost your email or would have replied direclty.

Good news on these stats!

Karen's sister said...

Excellent chances! Though I'd hate to be the statistician compiling those stats. Can you imagine the scenarios they have to dream up? And then they must feel awful when compiling the chances for people who aren't so fortunate. Talk about a job I wouldn't want to have.

Karen's mom said...

The stats also include elderly people who are batting at the top of the 9th, are half a lap from the checkered flag, and are 3 bucks away from buying the farm anyway at the statistical average of 78 years...so with your youth and promising research on your side, Dad and I think we only have to worry about 1/2 % more. That's not to minimize the seriousness of MM. It's lots of optimism. We're pulling for you!!!!!