Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ooooh, pretty.

Today the delivery guy brought me my first bottle of 15 mg Revlimid pills. The 25 mg pills were plain white capsules. The 15 mg pills, though, are a jazzy combo of teal and white. This is fabulous. I say, if you have to take cancer medication, it might as well be pretty.

Here, a crowd of curious onlookers stops to admire my attractive new pills:

Every month, before the pharmacy can ship me my pills, I have to talk to a pharmacist who goes over the long list of Revlimid Rules with me. I am not to donate to a blood bank, I am not to share my medication with anyone (Who would do this? And why?), and I am not to open or crush the capsules. Of course, after hearing this month after month, I am always incredibly tempted to open the capsules. If the pharmacists hadn't given me this instruction, I wouldn't even think about it, but they have planted the seed in my mind. Some nights I think I can barely stand it if I don't open the capsule and look inside. I swallow it quickly before I can give in to the urge. What is in there? What? Since the pills cost about $400 each, I dare not open one. But I will always wonder.


Anonymous said...

I like the welcome reception for the new pills. Who knows, the next ones might even be pink and white!

Kathy from NJ said...

I suspect they are time-release granules inside the capsule cover. Crushing them would give you a huge jolt of the med all at once. You can probably open the capsule and look as long as you open it over a container to catch anything - and you'll need a really small funnel to get the stuff back in the capsule.