Friday, June 20, 2008

Hot dogs, tiny hot dogs

We had a busy week this week. We went to an event with our moms' group every single morning, although, technically, Monday shouldn't really count. We were supposed to go on a tour of the local fire station, but WCK and I had to leave after about five minutes. Apparently, WCK finds firefighters very scary. I found out later that it ended up being the most FUN EVENT EVER. The kids even got to play with the hose and climb all over the truck. Sigh. We can now add firefighters to the list:

WCK'S List of Scary Things:

1) Vacuum cleaners
2) Fudge-making demonstrations
3) Firefighters

What if I'm someday vacuuming while making fudge and the house catches on fire? WCK will not call for help. I'm doomed.

Anyway, today we went to an early Fourth of July party. The kids made tambourines and danced to patriotic songs. I made these hot dog cupcakes:

The hot dog is a caramel square, warmed in the microwave and then shaped into a hot dog shape. The bun is a circus peanut cut in half, and the ketchup is frosting. I wanted to add mustard, but the yellow frosting I bought ended up being a clear yellowish gel and did not look like mustard. I made them last night, and the circus peanuts absorbed moisture from the frosting and got all mushy. If you're going to attempt these yourself, I'd say don't add the hot dogs to the frosting until the last minute.

My friend Brooke ended up making teeny tiny cookie hamburgers for the party. We didn't even consult each other beforehand. It's probably a sign that we're spending too much time together if we can telepathically coordinate teeny tiny food.

I'm off to the Cancer Center pretty soon. Then a weekend of dex. Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh.


Brooke said...

Yeah, or maybe we're just both nerds who spend to much time on our respective computers:) Seriously, both the hamburgers and hot dogs were awesome and so are we!

Abigail said...

Totally impressive :)

Anonymous said...

So cute. Do the circus peanuts and caramel taste good together?