Friday, June 27, 2008

Great and Powerful Oz

Diane posted a comment asking what "GPO" stands for, as in Dr. GPO. Shortly after I started this blog, I was trying to get in to see him, and it was difficult to get an appointment. I said it was like trying to get in to see the Great and Powerful Oz. I called him "Dr. Great and Powerful Oz" for a few posts, and the nickname just stuck.

I should really stop calling him that, but it's become a habit.

Anyway, enjoy this collection of Wizard of Oz bloopers. I'm ashamed to say that even I didn't know about some of them. The video doesn't show much of my favorite: Judy Garland using Toto to hide a fit of the giggles. You can see it really well in the actual movie.

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Anonymous said...

I thought I knew alot about the Wizard of Oz but your knowledge puts mine to shame! Thanks for posting some trivia to educate the rest of us.
Jen McDaniel