Tuesday, May 06, 2008

You can't watch this and feel cranky at the same time

I just heard back from the Amazing Mayo Nurse. I called yesterday, and when I told her about the rise in my M-spike, I heard a shocked gasp on the other end of the phone. It was not a sound you want to hear coming out of a medical professional after she learns your test results. She was very nice and said she'd check with Dr. H and call me back.

Just as I expected, Dr. H wants me back on the dex, dang it. She did say, however, that I can try starting at 8 mg per week. When I was last on it, I was on 12 mg per week. I should be able to handle 8 mg okay for a little while; hopefully we can talk over the dex situation in more detail when we go see Dr. H in person next month.

The nurse was really sympathetic. "I know you didn't want to go back on it," she said, "but it sure sounds like you need it."

Dang it, dang it, dang it.

Anyway, I'm cheering myself up the best way I know how: By posting a video of Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra dancing in sailor suits. Is there anything better?


Abigail said...

Darn it. Silly M-spike.

Brooke said...

Bummer:( Hopefully 8mg will be more tolerable than before at least!

Sunshine said...

Good luck with tolerating the Dex.
Don got to cut his from 40 to 20 when we were at Mayo last Thursday.

Don thinks it may be good to be on a diabetic diet when he takes the Dex... keep the blood sugar from spiking.
Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Who is the third guy in the movie clip? Too bad about the dex. Richard will likely be back on it also after he gets radiated.

Don said...

Hi Karen,

You asked about the dex-day diet. I checked my blood glucose one of those dex days and found it quite high, as it would be every day for a diabetic person. So I try to follow a diabetic diet on dex day.

I'm NOT an expert on that, but I especially try not to eat simple carbs (candy, soda, white bread, ...) at all, cut back on fruit, and try to eat some protein with the complex carbs, to keep blood glucose from spiking.

I hope that dex does the job for you!

Karen's Mom said...

You might check this out. I think a small amount of Peanut M&M's is in the middle of the glycemic index because of the nuts. However, I don't know about Dex and chocolate :) It sounds like a diabetic diet on Dex day might be helpful. I hope you'll find that perfect balance!