Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why my husband is great

Last Friday morning, Jay was leaving for work extra early. I was still asleep. He came back into the bedroom to make an important announcement.

"Did you know the New Kids on the Block are going to be on the Today Show this morning?" he asked.

"Mmmmfpfh!!" I said. (This is Barely Awake Talk for "WHAT? NO! NOBODY TOLD ME THIS! WHAT?")

"I will go set the TiVo for you," said Jay. And he did.

Not many husbands would offer this level of support, particularly when a First Imaginary Husband was involved (My FIH would be Donnie Walhberg). By the way, do you think Donnie was wearing that hat because he's probably bald now?


The Yanceys said...

That is so funny!!!! My husband has a slightly different reaction to my excitement over the New Kids.

pete's wife said...

LOL!!!!!!!! My hubby still thinks I'm kidding about going to the concert in our town on Nov.21st. Wait till he sees the Visa bill with the ticket purchases on it! LOL!!!!! ~Barb