Thursday, May 22, 2008

The sick room

Our pediatrician's office has a "sick" waiting room and a "well" waiting room, an arrangement, which, in theory, would keep the germs away from the well kids. They aren't really separate rooms; they're more like one big room partially divided by a low wall. The sick waiting room is equipped with a giant flat-screen TV showing "Cars", shelves of brand new children's books, and a table heaped with every toy imaginable.

The well waiting room has, like, two ripped up paperback books and one of those "wooden beads on a bendy wire" toys. I don't know the official name of this toy, but all parents must know what I am talking about. This is always the toy you see in waiting rooms at doctor's offices, banks, etc. I've never actually seen this toy in anyone's home or in a toy store. It must come from a waiting-room-supply catalog. It's probably the least exciting toy ever.

Of course, WCK never wants to wait in the well room. She was drawn to the sick waiting room like a moth to a flame. While I was at the check-in desk trying to dig out the insurance card and co-pay, she was already at the sick table, playing with a Disney Mr. Potato Head. (It had mouse ears). I thought, "Ah, I don't want to be one of those paranoid parents. What's the worst that could happen?" I let her keep on playing with the sick toys. In my defense, I knew that within five minutes she would announce that she had to go "pee." Going pee in public never involves actual pee. It involves finding a restroom, checking out the inside of the restroom, and then washing hands. I was right. Five minutes later, the restroom was inspected, and her hands were washed.

Apparently, the hand-washing was not enough. Today, she has some kind of Martian Death Flu. She's been running a fever and either sleeping or watching "The Land Before Time" all day. I called the doctor's office, and the nurse said not to worry unless the fever goes over 105 or she gets dehydrated. So far, she's fine on those counts.

Now I know why the sick room has the good toys: Repeat business for the doctor's office. Very clever.


Abigail said...

Poor WCK. Hopefully she'll be back to taking photos again in no time.

Karen's sister said...

Poor little thing. Liz had something along those lines last week, and was a blob of her former self (hm, I hope we didn't send you the death flu via birthday presents). Luckily, she tested negative for strep, and perked right up the day after we took her to the doctor. Hopefully WCK will be back on her feet before too long!