Thursday, May 08, 2008

It's not a tumah

Some of you might disagree, but it turns out that I have a completely normal brain. Today I got a postcard in the mail with the results of my MRI. It said, "Normal brain scan." Woo!

After all I went through to get the MRI, though, a tiny little postcard with a scribbled note on it seems a little anti-climatic. I think the hospital should provide a service where someone comes and stands on your lawn holding a banner that says, "NORMAL BRAIN SCAN!!!" He/she could set up a CD player blasting "We Will Rock You" and encourage passing motorists to honk. There could be a variety of banners for every kind of test: I imagine "YOU ARE NOW CANCER-FREE!!" or "YOU'RE NOT GONNA DIE!!" would be very popular. They could even put a good spin on bad news. There could be a banner saying, "OK, SO YOUR M-SPIKE WENT UP A LITTLE. YOU'RE STILL ALIVE, AREN'T YOU? LET'S NOT FREAK OUT! WOO HOO!"

I know this would be a very popular service. I'd sign up for it.


Brooke said...

A possible business idea? They say mompreneurs are the wave of the future!

Karen's mom said...

So glad to hear that your highly intelligent and wonderfully creative brain is in great shape. Your "Lawn and Banner Service" sounds like a great idea!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for You that You got a clean MRI ,keep up the good work
That dex is gonna knock that mspike way down
I wish You the best great blog

Sunshine said...


And a joyous Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

My MRI results came back - Nothing There.
At least you're not a Scarecrow.
They won't take my organs or my marrow.
At least you're not a Tin Man
My niece's MSpike went up.
At least, you're not a Cowardly Lion.
I can't go to the painting party, the graduation, or
the birthday party.
But you're definitely Dorothy!
I think I need more antidepressants.
Always thinking of you, WCB, the Hunk, Garland, and, of course, the goose.
Love from Omaha