Thursday, May 22, 2008

Introducing the WCK-Cam

WCK got some great presents for her birthday. Jay's parents got her a trike. It's a bright red, old-fashioned Radio Flyer with streamers on the handlebars and a little bell and everything. It's now one of her favorite things in the world. Her other favorite thing is a gift from my parents: A Fisher-Price "Kid Tough" digital camera. It's this huge pink plastic thing that would probably survive a fall from the top of a three-story building, and it really works. It even came with a cable so you can download the photos onto the computer. As soon as it was out of the box and Grandpa rushed to get batteries inside it, WCK was shooting photo after photo.

Most of the photos are multi-colored blurs, and a lot of them are of adults' legs and feet. I guess that is how she sees the world, after all. Some of them are quite artistic, though. Here are some arty shots of her new trike:

In this one, you can see her little pink Disney Princess shoes:

This one is actually pretty good:

Part of the front-porch goose in its Happy Birthday outfit:

And a photo she managed to take of herself:

WCK is addicted to this camera. I'm sure I'll be posting more WCK photo essays on a regular basis.

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