Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Having the time of my life

WCK is officially corrupted. Here is the full story: My child recently started "helping" put the dishes away. She stands on the counter and we hand her plates and bowls from the dishwasher, and she puts them in the cupboard. This means that putting the dishes away takes approximately 10 hours, but it is one of her favorite activities. When she is done with the dishes, she leaps off of the counter into my arms, flings her legs up high, stretches out her arms, and tells me she is a "fancy dancer". We then dance around the kitchen while I sing "Time of My Life." Last night, she sang the whole song on her own, grinning uncontrollably. It was the FUNNIEST. THING. EVER.

I know this must make me a terrible mother. Dirty Dancing was released when I was 12 years old. It was rated PG-13. My parents had a Horribly Strict Rule that I was not allowed to see PG-13 movies until I was actually 13. This was The Most Unfair Thing In The World back then, although WCK won't be allowed to see PG-13 movies until she is at least 35. Because Dirty Dancing was all the rage, though, and because I would clearly die if I couldn't go see it, my parents said they'd watch it first. If it was OK, I'd be allowed to see it.

My parents went to see the movie, and somehow (barely) managed to escape from the theater alive, although they might have temporarily lost their eyesight from the horrible things leaping off the screen. The verdict: This was a movie SO EVIL that I could not see it now; I could not see it when I turned 13; I. COULD. NOT. SEE. IT. EVER.

Some years later, my parents went out for the evening and I secretly watched it on cable. I was not struck by lightning. And now my mom thinks it is a "cute" movie. Where was this attitude in 1987?

Anyway. Now WCK has been officially corrupted by Dirty Dancing, although I couldn't get her to watch the above clip on YouTube for longer than a few seconds. "Where are the dinosaurs, Mommy?" she said. "Where are the dinosaurs? Where are the dinosaurs? Where are the dinosaurs?"

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Jen said...

Be very careful about those movies. They do corrupt young minds. My parents let the kids watch Alvin and the Chipmunks a few weeks ago, and they spent the next week saying "underpants" all the time and laughing hysterically. It makes me long for the Baby Einstein days.