Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Checkup time

Yesterday was WCK's three-year checkup with the pediatrician. What a difference a year makes: Last year, she screamed through the entire appointment, clung to me, and wouldn't let the doctor anywhere near her. This year, she was excited to be at the doctor's office and carefully followed all of the instructions from the nurse. She did hesitate a little about getting on the scale ("Maybe later," she told the nurse), but she eventually complied and then cheerfully allowed her blood pressure to be taken. Then she sat primly in her chair and happily answered all of the doctor's questions. Granted, some of her answers were big lies, but nobody would ever suspect.

"Do you get yourself dressed in the morning?" the doctor asked WCK.

"YES!" exclaimed WCK enthusiastically.

The doctor believed her and checked off the "Dresses Self" box. I guess if "getting yourself dressed" means "running naked through all of the rooms upstairs and laughing like a maniac while Mommy chases you with your clothes", then this is technically true.

The doctor asked her her name and age (which she knew right away), and then asked if she was a boy or a girl. WCK acted like she didn't know this one. As soon as we left the office, I asked her again.

"WCK, are you a boy or a girl?" I asked.

"I'm WCK!" she said indignantly. I think this is an excellent answer.

Later, she did tell me that she is a girl, and then correctly identified several friends (including the infamous Neighbor Boy) as either a boy or a girl.

"Is Mommy a boy or a girl?" I asked.

"Mommy's nothing," she said.


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