Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Twisted friends

WCK and I hosted our playgroup last week, and everyone once again got a good laugh at our Mr. Potato Head in the Darth Vader costume. (His official name is Darth Tater, by the way). I explained that this was a gift from my sister before WCK was born, and somebody pointed out that I must have some really twisted friends and family: Every time the playgroup comes over, they find something bizarre around here that was a gift from someone else.

This is true. I do have twisted friends. Today I opened the mailbox to find that my friend DeAnna in Minneapolis had hand-crocheted me a little tiny Jabba the Hutt. I must add that this was a gift for ME, not for WCK. I'm not a Star Wars fanatic the way Jay is, but I do enjoy Jabba. I wish I could spend my life lying around, laughing at people, and eating frogs. You don't find a tiny Jabba in your mailbox every day, so it was a very special afternoon. DeAnna's note pointed out that his nostrils somewhat resemble Clark Gable's moustache. You'll have to judge for yourself:

He's so tiny that it was hard to get a decent photo of him, so I posed him in a variety of locales. Here he is shopping for groceries:

Lounging at the Emerald City:

Hangin' with his good friend Thomas:

"Aloha," says Jabba. "I'm off to Hawaii!"

Finally, attacked by a T-Rex. Fight back, Jabba! Fight back!

You know how I'm always complaining that I never have the time to, say, clean out our closets or read as many books as I want to, or prepare a fancy meal, or write the Great American Novel? This is why.


mplsdeanna said...


I knew you would give him a good home.

Karen's sister said...

HA!! Teeny Tiny Jappa is flippin' awesome!

Karen's mom said...

...but this is WAY more fun than closets, books, a fancy meal or the G.A.N....How about a sci-fi story between Godzilla and Jabba?

Jen said...

Seriously, why clean out closets when you can keep all of us amused instead?

Karen's sister said...

Speaking of nostalgia, I thought of you today because I had bubble gum ice cream. And it was great (with real chunks of bubble gum that are still stuck to my teeth). It's made by Blue Bunny, but I think its just at restaurants, and not in the stores... though it might be worth looking into.

Rachel said...

What's so strange about Darth Tater? (I am not asking that question because we have one in our living room. Not at all) I am so jealous of your little Jabba! I've never thought Jabba was cute before! Happy Birthday!!!!!