Friday, April 04, 2008


It was officially announced today that all of the members of The New Kids on the Block will be reuniting and going out on tour. I saw it in the paper and nearly spit out my oatmeal.

"WCK!" I exclaimed. "The newspaper says that The New Kids on the Block are back together!"

WCK seemed mildly interested. "I want to see the kids," she said.

I showed her the photo of what appeared to be a group of little old men. I guess they haven't actually been "kids" in about 25 years. Is it just me, or does Jordan look frighteningly pale? Danny looks a little bit like a crazed axe murderer, but then again, he always sort of did anyway:

I then tried to teach her to sing "Hangin' Tough", complete with dance moves. WCK stopped me. "No, no," she said. "I want to sing 'Twinkle Star'."

These kids and their music today.

Anyway, my secret hope is that one of their tour dates will be in Kansas City. My extra secret hope is that an elderly Tommy Page will be their opening act. I still have my t-shirt from the 1989/1990 concert tour. I'm ready.


Jen said...

I saw that in the paper this morning and almost called you. Except it was really early. But I should have known that you'd be on top of it. Jen

Patty said...

Did you know they were on the Today show this morning??? I was going to give you a call this morning, but I bet you can find it online.

Jen B. said...

I just listened to some of the NKOTB music on iTunes last night. What a trip down memory lane. Did you know that I wore my concert t-shirt to school the day after the concert?? That took nerve. I got made fun of to my face!
See you at the reunion,
Jen B.