Saturday, April 05, 2008

Ticklebee: A new beginning

Today we went to a "Spring Fling" put on by our Parents as Teachers program. We got to do a lot of cool toddler-friendly activities and crafts, but it was really crowded and we spent a lot of time waiting in line. A friend of mine passed by as we stood in one of these unmoving lines and asked what we were waiting for.

"Um," we said, "we don't know."

It turned out to be ... a woman making balloon animals! Our lucky day! She made us a brand-new blue balloon dog. Ticklebee Two. He's been reborn.

Remember at the end of "Old Yeller" when they had to shoot Old Yeller, but then it ended up being OK because they got a brand-new puppy? It was exactly like that. Well, we haven't had the guts to shoot Ticklebee One yet. He's still languishing around the house, all deflated and deformed. The merciful thing to do would be to take him out back and pop him, or, at the very least, throw him into the trash compactor, but I'm squeamish.

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