Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mama drama-o-rama!

This is a really long story, so I'll try to sum up: The stay-at-home moms' group I belonged to (and also served as Administrative VP of) was a local chapter managed by an international office. The executive board decided to disband from the international group and form our own, independent group. We were having some troubles with the international people, but we are a group of about 50 awesome women and have a great local group and wanted to stay together and set our own rules. For example, International said we weren't supposed to be out after dark more than once a month. We already have a Moms' Night Out once a month, so the book club I've been running for about two years has been -- gasp! -- completely illegal! I don't know how we managed to sit around and discuss "My Sister's Keeper" without getting abducted or having all of our husbands file for divorce, but we did. Anyway, we were in the middle of carefully following all of the "rules" for the disbanding process and planned to start up our new group May 16.

Yesterday, the entire executive board got registered letters informing us that we were all "fired." I've never been fired from anything, let alone via registered mail. It was all very exciting and dramatic. I was accused of "officer malfeasance"! Malfeasance! Me! Actually, our president, Brooke, was fired first. She called to see if I'd gotten my letter.

"No," I said. "I haven't gotten anything."

"Well, International has removed me as president," she said. "So I guess you're president now."

Five minutes later, the mailman showed up with my Official Firing Letter. Let me tell you, for the whole five minutes that I was president, I was nearly drunk with power!

It's all OK, though. Within a few hours, we had our brand-new web site all set up and our new group up and running. We changed all of our executive board titles, so I'm now "Community Service Director". I'm going to be doing the same stuff I did before. I'm kind of relieved that it is all over.

As for the firing letter, I plan to stick it in WCK's baby book for posterity, so she knows what a rebel I was. Here's my one big issue with it, though: The international office spent over $5 per letter to fire all of us. Did any of us even get a regular letter or even a short little e-mail congratulating us when we raised $800 for a cancer patient's family? When we dropped off almost 700 toys at the children's hospital? When we collected toys for seven children at Christmas? When the entire group sent me a giant care package and gift cards and completely supported me through the three weeks I was having my stem-cell harvest?

Um. No. No we did not. Hence, the disbanding. I guess I sound bitter, but I'm not, really, because our new group is going to kick butt! Well, I guess it will as soon as I actually start posting the playgroups like I'm supposed to instead of spending my free time typing up a giant blog entry. More malfeasance on my part.


Jen said...

You are such a rebel...and you want to go out TWO times a month without your husband or Was there a section in the reunion questionnaire for you to comment on your wild & crazy behavioir?

Abigail said...

You won't even believe what happened: I'm signed up for one of those word a day lists in the hope of expanding my vocabulary and when I got home today's word was: MALFEASANCE. It's a sign, I tell you. A sign.

Karen's sister said...

Wow! My sis the rebel. You should be very proud of your coup. It is interesting that this group sets up such rigid rules for adult women. You're much better off. Anyway, as someone who spends a great deal of time studying women's organizations, its so interesting to hear about this. The groups I've studied certainly try to encourage activism... but never FIRED anyone. That's so anti-feminist.

Anonymous said...
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Allyson said...
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