Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Join me in mocking the dex

One of my very nice Cancer Center nurses called today with my M-spike news. It is now 1.7. Hurrah!

I know this is only a piddly .1 drop from last month (which essentially means I'm just "stable"), but you have to keep in mind that it dropped .1 WITHOUT DEX! I'd had this secret fear that it was going to go shooting up again, and I'd have to go back on the dex. Imagine my excitement!

Ha, ha, Dex! I don't need you! Nyah! Nyah! Nyah!


Karen's mom said...

One tenth at a time is good!! May I also say to the Dex: "Nana nanna boo boo!

Karen's sister said...

A sure-fire way to make the Dex feel bad: take away its stuffed animals and pretend that the stuffed animals say they don't love Dex anymore.

Its a real heart breaker :)