Friday, March 07, 2008

The sort-of second honeymoon

Next week, Jay and I are abandoning our child and going to Disney World. I can't decide if that's as horribly cruel as it sounds.

Jay has a work-related convention that's being held at a Disney hotel. We're dropping WCK off at Grandma and Grandpa's, and I'm going to join him in Orlando. While Jay's at his meetings all day, I'm going to sit by the pool. Then we'll stay on for a couple of days after the convention to go to the theme parks.

We've justified this because 1) all of Jay's expenses during the convention are being paid for by his company, 2) this July is our 10-year wedding anniversary and we spent our honeymoon at Disney World, and 3) Grandma's house is probably even more exciting than Disney World, as far as WCK is concerned. The last time my parents were here, I went to take a shower while they all played in WCK's bedroom. When I went to join the family after my shower, WCK pushed me out the door. "No, Mommy!" she said. "Go downstairs!"

"Enjoy surfing the Internet," said my mom cheerfully, as the bedroom door slammed loudly behind me.

You see where I stand in the whole Grandma/Grandpa hierarchy.

Still, I can't help but feel that this makes me one bad mother, and not in the way that Shaft was one bad mother.

Then I look outside at the snow, and I remember that we are going to be staying here:

At least I will be a warm bad mother.


Sunshine said...

Doesn't taking care of You make you a very wonderful mother?

Thought of you as we were at Mayo Clinic 4 days this week. You can read Don's report at (Sorry that isn't clickable.)

Have a great time next week!!!

Kathy from NJ said...

WCK is too young to enjoy most of Disneyworld. Your plans are a win win win for everyone.

Karen's sister said...

Oh, just give yourself permission to enjoy the trip, darn it. :)

Anonymous said...

My husband and I stayed at this is really nice. You deserve some "me" time. WCK is too young to fully appreciate Disney!
Have a great time:)

Anonymous said...

My parents left me at home when I was about her age and took my brother AND his friend to Disney. They told me I would get to go when I was older. I got to go when I was eight. I'm glad, now I remember and appreciate the trip!