Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter basket cupcakes

I know Easter is long over, but today was our MOMS Club "Spring Fling" and egg hunt, so I made these cupcakes:

There are three left if anyone wants them.

I made my monthly visit to the Cancer Center today. The nurse handed me my CBC results, and I was SO EXCITED! My hemoglobin was 13.8! It's never been that high in my ENTIRE LIFE! "How did I do that?" I asked the nurse. She was surprised, too. "Did you just eat a bunch of liver or something?" she asked. I hadn't, and I didn't know why the numbers were so high, but we were celebrating. We even speculated that Dr. GPO would let me stop taking the iron pills because I was doing so well.

Then I took a closer look at the form and noticed that the nurse had given me someone else's report. Oh.

Dr. GPO showed up with the real report, which wasn't nearly as good. My white blood cells have taken a nose-dive to 1.9 (they should be at least 4.0) and my hemoglobin is only 10.9. Numbers like these are a common side effect of the Revlimid, so he wants me to try taking a two-week break instead of the usual one-week break to let my blood counts recover. We're not telling the pharmacy, though, because it would probably confuse them too much. They're very easily confused.

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Anonymous said...

You are a cupcake queen! Love it!