Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Long Winter

It seems like it's been the longest winter ever. Even the snowman in our front yard can't take it anymore. This morning he collapsed onto the ground, face first, his arms outstretched in desperation, as though he can't live with himself one more minute. It's like he's silently screaming to just melt and get it over with. Of course, when WCK saw him out there, prostrate with grief, she asked if she could give him a kiss and a Band-Aid. You have to go and make everything cute, don't you WCK? Even scenes of bleak mid-winter depression.

Update on my drugs: The nurse at the Cancer Center wasn't concerned about the antibiotics and the Coumadin, since I won't be on the antibiotics very long and I'm not on a very high Coumadin dose and don't actually have a clotting disorder. This means I don't have to go in for extra tests. Woo! It's not that it's an extensive test or anything (just a finger prick); I just don't want to spend extra time hanging out in doctors' offices if I don't have to.

It's supposed to be sub-zero tomorrow. I think I'll go lie down, face first, like the snowman for a while.


Abigail said...

I think the snowman has the right idea. Just make sure you're lying down inside.

Sunshine said...

Yes, this has truly been the long winter. And I'm remembering that yours started at Thanksgiving at Mayo. Loving your sense of humor.. it cheers many of us. May the snow man get on with melting next week.