Friday, February 08, 2008

I choo, choo, choose you!

This morning, WCK and I went to a Valentine party. This is the third year that we've been going to Valentine parties, but this is the first time she really got into it and understood that she'd be giving cards to all of her friends. She even helped me make muffins to take to the party. She had a great time dropping the cards into each "mailbox" and then looking at the Valentines she received.

I've looked through them myself, and, if you ask me, I think today's Valentine writers are slipping. I don't see any of the delicious puns that I remember the last time I got Valentines, which was probably, like, 1986. I didn't see a single one with a picture of a bee on it that said, "Let's BEE friends." Yes, many of them come with temporary tattoos or candy or pencils, some of them have life-affirming messages ("I like you for you, Valentine!") but where is the wit, Valentine writers? Where is the wit?

Maybe I should be a Valentine writer when I grow up.

At the party, we also had a chance to do a craft where the kids painted their hands and made handprints on a pair of construction-paper mittens. WCK, who can't take it when a microscopic speck of food lands on her sippy cup, who cries out in despair when another kid has a glob of jelly on his/her cheek, wanted NOTHING to do with the painting of the hands. We stuck stickers on the mittens instead.

On to another topic: My sister wanted to know more about the scene from the Dex Theme Song that I posted earlier. It's from a movie called Babes in Arms. I haven't seen this movie in years, but it is on one of the DVDs in the Garland/Rooney Collection, which I got for Christmas and have been slowly making my way through. Once I get to this movie, I will update you all on the plot. My guess, though, is that Mickey and Judy are trying to put on a show to raise money for a worthy cause (homeless orphans, a school trip, a kid with a broken arm) and/or because Mickey accidentally screwed something up with his high-spiritedness and now owes money to someone. I can say this with confidence, because this is the plot of 99.9 percent of all Garland/Rooney movies. You have to love them, though. Watching them always makes me crave root beer floats.

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Margaret said...

I have been reading your blog for at least a year. And I wanted to let you know that today I bought the "Wizard of Oz" soundtrack, AND last week I ordered "The Essential Judy Garland" from Amazon UK. I thought you might enjoy knowing that your influence has...spread to Italy. And no, without you, I would never have bought any of these items! But now I am hopelessly hooked, too.
(the one in Florence, Italy; I see that there are two of us here...)
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