Friday, February 01, 2008

The fire hydrant was BRILLIANT

Today I saw three very important men: Elmo (YAAAAAY!), the president of the United States (BOOOOOO!!!), and Dr. GPO (yay for him, boo for the fact that I had to go see him).

This morning, Jay and I took WCK to Sesame Street Live at the new Sprint Center in downtown Kansas City. I was a little nervous about how she'd do, because she's still six months into her anti-Elmo crusade and shows no signs of backing down. If you'll remember, an episode of Sesame Street aired last fall that did not include the usual episode of "Elmo's World" at the end. Shocked by how Sesame had betrayed her without a bit of warning, WCK decided to give up watching the show permanently and still hasn't gone back to it. I miss Sesame Street, but I do admire her willpower.

She was excited about Sesame Street Live, though. For weeks, I would ask her, "Where are we going in a few weeks/next week/on Friday/tomorrow/today?" and she'd raise her arms in the air and exclaim, "Sesame Street Live! Hurrah!" She was absolutely fascinated by the show, did a little bit of dancing, and even wore her Elmo hat through most of it. I enjoyed it, too, although I'm pretty sure that Mr. Noodle was played by a woman. I also thought the actor playing the dancing fire hydrant made some interesting choices. (I feel the need to mention the actor playing the dancing fire hydrant, because you know that nobody else ever does. You know this person has to be on the very bottom of the Sesame Street Live totem pole. You know the actor playing Elmo gets his/her own luxurious dressing room while the fire hydrant is changing clothes in an alley somewhere and fetching coffee for Big Bird.)

After the show, we were eating lunch at a Subway near Parkville, Missouri, when the presidential motorcade drove by. The president had been in town at some fundraiser. We didn't get a glimpse of anyone -- just a whole bunch of cars and security vehicles -- but you could kind of sense The Most Annoying Man in the World Vibes rising off of the cars. Maybe it was just me.

After lunch, Jay and WCK went home, and I headed off for my monthly date with Dr. GPO. Get this: My hemoglobin is KICKING BUTT! It's 12.3. It hasn't been that high in, like, two years. All of my other red-cell numbers are well in the normal range, too. How did I do that? I am Iron Woman. My INR was 1.9, which is good, too.

I also told the doctor that the Dex is making me crazy again. I spent the last two weekends up for the day at 4 a.m, spending the rest of the time feeling like crawling on the floor, thinking I'd rather have cancer than take this medicine, begging for mercy from the Dex Gods. Actually, I'm sure there are no Dex Gods. I'm sure Dex comes directly from Satan. Dr. GPO says that instead of taking the 12 mg all in one day, I can space it out and take 4 mg on Monday, 4 on Wednesday, and 4 on Friday. I already took all 12 today, so it's too late to save this weekend from the Dex Devil, but next weekend should be a lot better. I'll start the new plan next Friday, taking 4 mg on Friday, then 4 mg on Monday and so on. We'll try it and see what happens.

It's time to go, and Elmo wants to sing the Dex song: Dex, Dex, Dex, Dex, Dex, Dex, DexDex, Dex, Dex, Dex ....

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Dan said...

Great to hear Your numbers are kicking butt , keep up the good work.
I get My new numbers next week