Monday, February 18, 2008

Even a stuffy nose takes effort

It turns out the Martian Death Cold is a sinus infection (or, as I would pronounce it lately, si-dus infecdion). I actually had to go to the Regular Doctor (not the Cancer Doctor). I can't remember the last time I went to a Regular Doctor for something other than my yearly physical. Seriously. I think I had a sore throat in 2002. Before that .... chicken pox in 1985? Anyway, whenever I take the Dex, the sinus infection disappears, only to come roaring back the second the Dex wears off. I couldn't breathe all weekend, but I'm fine today. The doctor said, yeah, that makes sense, because steroids reduce inflammation. She then gave me a steroid nasal spray to use on my non-Dex days. More 'roids!! Woo!

She also gave me an antibiotic, but then said I needed to call the Cancer Center about it, because it can interfere with my Coumadin. I might need some extra INR tests this week. I left a message for My Nurse.

I never used to have anything wrong with me ... and now a cold prompts phone calls to numerous medical professionals, and possibly additional blood tests. Bleh.

The one good thing to come out of this: While I was wandering Wal-Mart waiting for my prescription to be ready, I found a buggy-eyed sheep puppet that baas loudly to the tune of "Easter Parade" when you move its mouth. GREATEST!! PUPPET!! EVER!! Of course, I had to snap it up and set it aside for WCK's Easter basket. When I brought it home, Jay said, "Did you buy that for WCK? Or for you?" Um.

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Jen said...

I can totally picture this puppet - how funny! Hope you start feeling better soon!!! Jenifer