Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Welcome to Starbucks

WCK has suddenly started something new. When she asks for something, she'll begin her request with, "a large" and follow it up with, "no cream or sugar." This morning at breakfast, for example, she told me she wanted, "a large oatmeal, no cream or sugar." Later, she wanted some water and asked me to get her "a large water cup, no cream or sugar."

This doesn't just happen with food items, either. She was looking for her dinosaur toy and told me she wanted "a large dinosaur, no cream or sugar."

Of course, I always laugh hysterically when she says this, which only encourages her more. Where did she pick it up? I don't drink any coffee at all, while Jay is a Coffee Maniac, so I place the blame squarely on her father.

Large blame, no cream or sugar.

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As we await the exciting conclusion of the Goldfish saga: you can always take WCK here: