Monday, January 07, 2008

Vitamin R

I just got back from the Cancer Center. It was totally routine; nothing exciting. My INR is down to 1.3 (actual proof that I've been eating more vegetables!), so I have to increase my Coumadin back to 5 mgs a day. I've been on 5 mgs before, so no biggie. My hemoglobin is up to 11. Woo! That's still too low, but at least it's no longer Dr.-Carter-running-down-the-hall low. Dr. GPO referred to the Revlimid as "Vitamin R", which cracks me up. I think I will call it that from now on. I'm supposed to get my next round of Vitamin R on Thursday, if all the stars line up properly.

I've decided I should start looking at these doctor visits more positively. Is there any stay-at-home mother of a two-year-old who wouldn't enjoy an hour or two of sitting in a quiet waiting room, listening to soothing music, and reading or just staring into space? Yes, I have to get poked with a needle, but other than that, I should be the envy of all my friends.

Oh: Anna from Italy asked me a question about the plasma cell labeling index test that I mentioned a couple of posts ago. This is a test done from the bone marrow. It might be unique to the Mayo Clinic, although I'm not entirely sure.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks.
Anna, from Italy

Margaret said...

Hi, I thought I could add some useful (?) information for your Italian readers. The Italian equivalent of the plasma cell labeling index, or PCLI, is "indice di marcatura plasmacellulare." If I ever have to have another BMB (sigh), I will request this test for sure. Thanks, Karen.
Florence, Italy

Beth said...

Mayo is the only place I've ever had a plasma cell labeling index done. It's "their" test, from what I've been told when I've asked for it elsewhere.