Friday, January 18, 2008


This morning we had our monthly meeting of the MOMS Club. We do different activities with the club nearly every day (playgroups, brunches, crafts, music class, gymnastics, AirZone, etc.), but once a month all of us gather in the meeting room of a nearby church for a monthly "business" meeting. It usually consists of about 10 minutes of actual business, and then about an hour and a half of snacks and some kind of fun activity or craft or general running around.

Today's meeting's theme was "Snow Day", and someone came up with the great idea to fill a giant inflatable wading pool with Styrofoam peanut "snow". At any given time, there were about 10 toddlers crammed into this wading pool, swimming through the peanuts, throwing them into the air, and shrieking with laughter. You can't begin to imagine how joyful it was. WCK had the absolute time of her life. I can't believe I forgot my camera.

The only down side was a mess unlike any I had ever seen. We weren't able to help with cleaning duty because of WCK's intense fear of vacuum cleaners. Once the big cleanup started, she clamped her arms and legs around me, squeezed like a boa constrictor, and wouldn't let go. Even after we got home, there were peanut particles everywhere. I think we'll be finding them around the house for years to come, accidentally eating them, breathing them in, learning to live in harmony with the peanuts.

Still. It was worth it.


Abigail said...

It was fun, wasn't it? I actually found two whole pieces of "snow" in Hannah's diaper. And her dandruff is so bad that not even the best shampoo can help. Let's do it again next week.

Kathy from NJ said...

That was very smart of you to teach her to be afraid of the vacuum.

Renee said...

You guys have the coolest MOMS Club. I want to come over there:(

Sunshine said...

Precious joy!