Monday, January 14, 2008


It's been a week since my blood tests, and I finally got my results back today. All of my numbers are EXACTLY the same as last time -- and let's remember that the last time I was tested, I'd been off the drugs for two and a half months. My M-spike is still 2.3. I think the nurse could tell I was really disappointed, and she tried to reassure me that it is good to be so stable.

I don't want to be stable. I want to kick butt.


Don said...

Bummer. You're right - kicking butt would be better. But we take what we can get, I guess, fingers crossed for something new to come along. When it does, Mayo will be the first to know.

I love the way that you celebrate life with WCK every day.

Abigail said...

Bummer. Hasn't the M-spike heard the news on the street? Obviously M-spike and pee need to talk. It's time for M-spike to go to time out.

Beth said...

Stable is just as good as remission, in terms of survival. Remission doesn't mean you'll live longer. I tell myself that all the time. :)

Sunshine said...

Our hearts are with you, Brave Mother and incredibly cute kid!!
Thanks for your entertaining writing.