Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas cramming

It's so nice to be home.

I was a little worried that we were going to be missing out on the Christmas season, but we've managed to cram a lot of Christmas (in a good way!) into the last two days. Yesterday, we went to a tree farm and chopped down our Christmas tree, as is our tradition. It was a really fun tree farm. They gave us free hot chocolate and cider and let WCK decorate an ornament. When we got home, WCK then helped me decorate the tree. We have a lot of ornaments -- A LOT of ornaments -- mostly because I've been collecting all of the Hallmark Keepsake Wizard of Oz ornaments since 1994, and those Hallmark people just won't quit making them. Also, I can't throw anything away. I still have the gingerbread man I made out of actual ginger snaps in 1981. Yes, the ginger snaps are completely intact after 26 years. Just think of what they do inside your stomach. Just think.

But I digress. WCK very patiently unwrapped each ornament, we talked about each one, and then she told me where to place it on the tree. She was such a good helper. I just hope she doesn't rip them down tomorrow.

Today we went to a Santa Claus singalong at the public library. Santa brought a guitar and played a few Christmas songs and the kids all danced. We go to this every year, and it's always a big hit. WCK loved the dancing part but didn't want much to do with Santa's lap. In the afternoon, Jay and I attempted to take WCK to see the Fairy Princess. The Fairy Princess is an old Kansas City tradition. It's sort of the same concept as Santa -- the kids stand in line, sit on the Fairy Princess' lap, and get their picture taken. I figured she'd find the FP much less scary than Santa. Yeah. WCK refused to get anywhere near the Fairy Princess. She threw herself on the ground and wouldn't move.

"WCK," said Jay, "do you want to go see the Fairy Princess or not?"

"NOT!!!" said WCK.


Karen's sister said...

Point of interest: we recently discovered that folks selling items on E-bay have the choice to donate a certain percentage of the sale price to a charity. There are hundreds of charities listed, but among them is the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. So if any of you out there like to sell things on E-bay, you can also help to make a difference, however small.

Sunshine said...

Oh what precious times for you all!
Great catching up on Christmas.

Don said...

So glad you're home :-)

John Wagner said...

Just catching up on my reading. So glad you are home and had a very, very successful stem cell collection. Sorry it took so long, but it was worth it. Enjoy all the Christmas preparations. Nothing better than celebrating Christmas and making those lasting memories with a little one. WCK is lucky to have you for her mommy!

Sunshine said...

Thanks for commenting on the MN Myeloma blog!!
Yes, I think your Mayo experiences qualify you and we cheerfully adopt you.
Best wishes.