Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Not that I am bitter.

They have tripled my growth factor. This morning I had my CD34 level checked (that's the one that needs to be 10 or higher) ... and it was three. A wimpy little three. My stem cells hate me. This means I can't collect tomorrow, either. More shots tonight, more shots and blood work tomorrow. Then we'll see where we are. Dang you, CD34.

Because I had the day off today, Jay, WCK, and I went to the local mall. Kansas Citians have great barbecue; Minnesotans have great malls. It has a really cool play area. If you are a Kansas City mom and know what the Zona Rosa Fruit is, I have to tell you that it puts the Zona Rosa Fruit to shame. Anyway, it was nice to get out. Every time we go out, we usually end up driving past Rochester's most famous landmark (well, I guess it's the second most famous, after the Mayo Clinic itself): The Fabulous Ear of Corn Water Tower. Don't believe me?

WCK is obsessed with the corn tower. If it even looks like we're headed for the car, she starts asking for it. "Where corn go, Mommy? Where corn go?" My mom finally went to the Mayo gift shop and bought her a postcard with a photo of the corn on it. That seems to keep her satisfied.


karen's sister said...

That corn tower is very cool, though your ordeal seems to be getting tougher and tougher. Its so frustrating to just wait and watch numbers go up and down.

Sunshine said...

Fortunately.. you WILL go home before you can find out why Minnesota REALLY has malls.
It is a poorly kept secret about how it gets colder than hell in January and February.

An extra hug for the Little Sweetie with the corn post card.. and her great Mom.

May the rest of your week get better.

Morgan said...


I hope your cells start multiplying in volumes, so you can make it home soon.

I've been thinking of you!