Wednesday, November 21, 2007

San Juan Hill, Rose!

After yesterday's big triumph ... the total for today's collection was only 1.63 million cells. I'm sort of bummed out about it. The BMT coordinator said this was a totally respectable number, but I wanted my overachieving 3 million again, dang it! I was getting excited about finishing up, getting this stupid line out of my neck, and heading back home. Looks like we'll be here at least one extra day, maybe more.

Anyway. Today I watched a lot of TV while I was harvesting. The Golden Girls was on at 8 a.m. It was the episode where Blanche finds out her father had an affair with her childhood nanny for 50 years.

BLANCHE: I still can't get over it.
ROSE: Over what?
DOROTHY: San Juan Hill, Rose!


Also, I got a bunch more cards in the mail today and yesterday. (Thanks everybody!) My friend Abigail sent me a bag of black jellybeans! Mmmmm .... black jellybeans and The Golden Girls. What could be better?

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a mom said...

I associate black jellybeans with licorice, which does interact with some drugs. Just to be safe, please let your healthcare pros know if you eat a lot of licorice.