Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ready go!

This is what WCK says when she wants to leave. "Ready go, Mommy! Ready go!"

I am very ready go to the Mayo Clinic. I want to just get there and get this whole harvest over with. I've been worried about it nonstop since March, so I want to get it done. We've been really busy getting things ready for the trip. Tomorrow will be a big packing marathon, and then Saturday we'll hit the road. When Jay and I go to Mayo by ourselves, it usually takes six hours. With WCK in the car with us, it could take ... oh, I don't know, 26 hours. At least it will seem that way.

Tonight I'm going to "Spa Night" to get a pedicure with the other grownup members of the MOMS Club. It'll be just what I need, although nobody will really see my toenails in Minnesota. They only have good toenail weather for about three weeks out of the year.

Anyway. While I'm in Minnesota, I'm expecting to have Internet access and a lot of time on my hands, so I'll probably be updating the blog A LOT. You'll hear from me soon.


Sunshine said...

You are so right;toenail season up here is so over.
We sure hope it is a good season for stem cell harvest ... and the remission of myeloma for you.

Abigail said...

We're ready go to have you back again already! Have a safe journey up to Rochester.

Brooke said...

Have a safe and successful trip! We'll miss you!

Don said...

Give a little wave to the north sometime while you're at Mayo. We're only about 70 miles to the north. :-)