Thursday, November 01, 2007

It's the Great Pumpkin, WCK!

Halloween was great. It's so much fun now that WCK semi-understands what is going on. She was a champion trick-or-treater. Knowing her shy nature and fear of the unknown, I'd partly expected her to go to one house and then declare, "No! Don't like it!" and run back home. She surprised us and kept going for about an hour and even managed to whisper, "Trick or treat" and "Thank you" at a few of the houses. We finally went home when her candy bucket was too heavy for her to carry anymore. We had such a good time. I hope I always remember it.

When we got home, I told her that we'd leave her candy for the Great Pumpkin. While she was asleep, I said, the Great Pumpkin would visit our house, take the candy away, and leave a nice toy in its place. Sure enough, when the morning came the candy had disappeared, Mom and Dad looked a little bloated, and a mini Little People set was waiting in the empty candy bucket. WCK was very excited about the new toy, and the candy has been mostly forgotten. Oh, that Great Pumpkin. Is there anything he can't do?

Oh, and here is a photo of our front-porch goose in its vampire outfit. I think this is my favorite of all of the goose outfits. It's the fangs.

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Sunshine said...

At such a young age, Halloween next year is so far away?
But what a marvelous plan for the candy: that's a new idea to me.