Friday, November 23, 2007

Hulk Hogan

My collection today was a piddly .75 million cells. We got the message about it on Jay's cell phone and then sort of freaked out until we got in touch with the BMT coordinator. She reassured us once again that .75 is totally fine, that most people taper off like this, and that nobody is worried about it. If my number dips below .5 million, though, I'll most likely get some extra injections to boost the cell production. I'm also going to be hooked to the machine for several more days. Probably into next week. Bleh.

Today I got to watch The Golden Girls, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and bits and pieces of the Little House made-for-TV movie where Rose gets kidnapped in Mankato on Christmas Eve. Then Jay and I got completely sucked into a reality show on VH-1 about Hulk Hogan's family. We were pretending that we weren't really watching it, but we totally were. Right now, I'm still wondering what will happen with Hulk's daughter and her new boyfriend.

Tomorrow is Saturday, so the TV won't be nearly as good.

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Karen's sister said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the pie! Though we're sorry to hear about your cells. If your cells feel like the rest of us, all they want to do is sleep off the feast. Maybe they'll wake up on Monday and get back to work.