Saturday, November 24, 2007

How low can it go?

Today's total was a stupid .52 million. Tomorrow they're going to increase my dose of growth factor to see if we can boost the cell production, but I'm probably going to have several more days on the machine. They don't give the injections until the end of the collection, so the increased dose won't affect tomorrow's total, which I expect to be way, way, waaaay low. Like, one cell. My grand total is now 6.9 million, and my goal is 9 million.

Anyway. Today was yet another morning in the hospital bed. You'd think that spending five hours just lying there doing nothing would be fun and relaxing, but it actually gets pretty tiring after a while. I'm exhausted by the time we get back to the apartment. I have to look for excitement where I can find it. Even though it was Saturday, there was still an episode of Little House on at 7 a.m. Woo hoo! It was the episode where they all get telephones, and Mrs. Oleson listens in on everyone's conversations. Albert throws a mouse on Nellie. A classic. I spent the rest of the time flipping around between really stupid movies on Comedy Central and Lifetime. I could not find Hulk Hogan today. Dang.

I forgot to mention that Jay and I were able to get out for dinner and a movie last night. We saw Bee Movie, which I really enjoyed. It was good to get out. Maybe my stem cells enjoyed themselves so much that they wanted to stay in my body, just in case I take them to more movies. Fat chance, stem cells!


Sunshine said...

Hey cells... let's get going.. no more movies and fun old re-runs for you cells .. You have an important job to do now!!

Seriously, Cheers for you all. Glad you survived Thanksgiving at Mayo. Been thinking about you.

Don said...

Hang in there my dear, you're a strong woman. You can do anything!

L.P. Cells said...

You probably have not heard that hyperbaric oxygen treatments can be used to mobilize stem cell. Maybe there isn't enough oxygen in MN and your getting the opposite effect, stem cell hiding by oxygen deprivation? How about if Jay got a Hulk Hogan makeover that causes you to hyperventilate. Then you'd get plenty of oxygen. There might be something in it for Jay as well.:-)

Anonymous said...

How disappointing for you! Richard only collected enough cells for one transplant in 6 days of collection, so he understands your frustration. He elected not to get the additional injections because he would have had to stay over Christmas. Probably not the best decision he ever made since he could have then had the option of a second auto transplant instead of the allo.

Keep up your good spirits! We're thinking of you! We'll be at Mayo on Nov 26.