Thursday, November 15, 2007

Band-Aids on my belly

I got my first injections this morning. I got two of them, right in the belly. I KNOW this sounds really, really, really scary and painful and gross, but I was shocked to find out that it wasn't bad. The shots didn't hurt at all going in. The flu shot I got yesterday hurt a lot worse. About half an hour later, the injection sites had sort of a weird burning sensation (which I'd been warned about), but that went away after a few minutes. I haven't had any of the achy symptoms yet.

After the shots, we took WCK to the Rochester Public Library for story time. I've been to many, many story times over the past two and a half years, and I have to say that this was the best story time EVER. It was more of a multi-media extravaganza with puppets and movies and a very elaborate felt board. The librarians wore those headphone-type microphones that pop stars wear so they can dance while singing. Very impressive.

We returned to the apartment to find an absolutely amazing care package from the MOMS Club. It was filled with about a meeeellion toys for WCK and a whole bunch of treats for me. I've already started in on the snacks, which arrived just in time, because we just finished all of the snacks that my in-laws sent in another amazing care package the other day.

No more appointments until my surgery tomorrow morning. They say it's simple and I'll be out of there by noon. I'll try not to blog while under the influence of drugs.


David E said...

Thoughts and prayers tomorow!!!

Karen's sister said...

One look at that central line and I'm a just little horrified for you, but I know you'll do great. Anyone who can take shots to the stomach AFTER a bone marrow biopsy and a flu shot, has to be pretty tough.

Abigail said...

We'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning. Go forth and multiply stem cells!