Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'm dangerous

My stay-at-home-moms' group has a Moms' Night Out once a month. Last night, a bunch of us got together at a martial arts studio for a self-defense class. We learned a few moves, and I'm now confident that if an armless, legless, creepy-looking rubber dummy ever attacks me in a parking lot, I can TOTALLY kick its butt. Well, I guess it doesn't technically have a butt. I can kick its support post that serves as a butt.

When I got home, I told Jay all of the important things we learned about eyeball gouging and crotch-kicking (Eyeballs squish as easily as grapes; when you kick a guy, imagine that you're going to kick all the way up to his chin, and you're just going through the crotch to get there) and now he's a little scared of me, I think. I promise to use this new-found crotch-kicking knowledge for good, not evil.

I'd like to kick my M-spike in the crotch, though: The Cancer Center called yesterday, and Spike is still hanging in there at 2.0! This is where it has been since August. I know that Dr. H assured me that plateaus are totally normal, and that the M-spike will most likely continue to go down again someday, but I still don't like it. I didn't spend my weekends all dexed out so that my M-spike can lounge around and laugh at me. Stupid spike.

Still, I am enjoying temporarily being off the drugs. Last weekend was my first weekend in over five months without dex. It was GLORIOUS. All day Saturday, I kept waiting for it to kick in ... and then I'd remember that I didn't take any. I felt like a normal person. Nice.


Brooke said...

I can vouch for Karen...I think I actually saw tears coming out of the plastic dummy when she went for the temple.

Sunshine said...

Here's to keeping the creepy rubber dummies away!! Go Strong Woman!!!

Anonymous said...

If you have 5 minutes to spare, please go to:


One of my favorite house-bloggers just came back from what would be one of your favorite places.

Beth said...

Hi Karen,

Are you just having the stem cell collection done? Or are you going on to transplant afterwards? I want to say that I feared SCT for years, and then finally did it (autologous) in Aug/Sept. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I never missed a meal and I never threw up.

I'll know some results from my labs next week. I'm hoping for a remission, of course!

We could really use your great sense of humor and fabulous writing on the MMA mailing list!

Beth in NC

Beth said...

Hi Karen,

This is my second attempt to comment. The first one gave me an error I couldn't decipher.

Are you harvesting and then going onto SCT? I had my auto SCT in late August and spent September in recovery. It wasn't really as bad as I had imagined all these years. I never missed a meal and never threw up once.

We could really use your great sense of humor and fabulous writing on the MMA mailing list. :)

Here's to you, Jay and WCK!

Beth in NC