Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tomorrow is another day

Results are in, and my official M-spike at the end of cycle five is ... 2.0. It went down a lousy .1 during the whole cycle. I keep reminding myself that Dr. H said plateaus are okay, but I still wish it had been lower. It's disappointing to suffer through four weeks of steroids and then not see the spike move. My INR, on the other hand, jumped to 2.5 (It's supposed to be between 1.5 and 2.0). I guess the 5 mg of Coumadin was a bit much. I have been eating a ton of salads, I swear. I even got a salad when we went to Donald's over the weekend. Anyway, I'm back on my old Coumadin dose again.

There was a big drama with the Revlimid this afternoon, when the nurse called to tell me that somebody at the Cancer Center had accidentally faxed the pharmacy a month-old pregnancy test instead of my current one (what?), and now the pharmacy and the drug company were all riled up, and the time to fill the prescription was about to expire. Once the prescription-filling process has been started, everyone involved (me, the doctor's office, the pharmacy, and the drug company) only gets seven days to complete it. If you're not done when the time runs out, you have to start the process ALL OVER AGAIN with a brand new blood test and everything. It all got straightened out, and the new Revlimid (my last cycle for about two months!!!) will be here on Monday, but it was a stressful afternoon. While the drug drama was going on, WCK refused to take a nap and then threw up in her crib ... on her one-and-only "If anything happens to this blankie I shall die" blankie ... after eating blueberries. She's completely fine now, but have you ever dealt with blueberry throwup on a beloved blankie? Oh dear.

Bad afternoon. Tomorrow will be better. Deep breath.


Sunshine said...

Yes! Better tomorrow.

mplsdeanna said...

Blueberry Toddler Vomit would be a terrible name for a band.

John Wagner said...

I know 2.0 is a disappointment for you, but at least it did go down. I hate how we are tied to these numbers and how the effect they have on our mood, too. At least you do get the drug break next month. Hang in there, I think you are doing pretty darn good.

Terri Myers said...

I wanted thank you and let you know that you have really helped me with your blog.

I have read your blog from the beginning straight through over the past two nights and have found it incredibly comforting, not to mention hilarious, and I'm in need of the laughter that comes with everyday life!!

My mother was dx with MM the same month and year as you and recently (last week) received the labs showing she's left the (sexy-- Mom loved that) smouldering stage. We go to the onc Weds to discuss treatment. One of the things that no doctor can tell you is what life is really like on the treatments available. I work in pharmaceutical research so I can read the research, probabilities of adverse events and all that, but you've shared what you can't get from those-- and that's been a true blessing for me.

Aside from the MM aspect, I'm 35, so the 80's references (especially the jean roll-up thing, which I too could never keep all day either!) cause me to laugh out loud. Also, I have a 2 & 3 year old (15 months apart and no longer really my "babies"- - that's such a hard shift!) so love to hear about WCK's antics as well.

Thank you for your wit, humour, humility and spunk and for the phenominal style with which you deliver your messages. My best to you and will hold you & your family in my thoughts and prayers, and know that your work here is appreciated very, very much.