Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Milkshake drama

I've gotten really behind on my blogging. Where to begin? Here's a quick review of the past few days.

On Thursday, WCK and I went to the Weston Red Barn Farm with the MOMS Club. Here's a photo. WCK is the tiny blue dot. The tiny orange dot is her friend Aidan:

We had a great time looking at animals, touching a baby chick, having a picnic under a tree (after thoroughly washing the baby chick off of our hands, of course), and even going on a hayride. WCK completely freaked out on a hayride when she was five months old, so I still get really nervous about them. She seems to love hayrides now, though.

Saturday morning we went to another Mr. Stinky Feet concert. You have to love Mr. Stinky Feet. He's going to be performing with the Kansas City Symphony (no, I'm not making that up) in November, but we'll be in Rochester. Stupid disease!

On Saturday night, Jay and I found some quality entertainment: An educational DVD that we received in the mail from the Mayo Clinic called "Autologous Blood and Marrow Transplant at Mayo Clinic." It was actually really informative, and even a little scary, because they were very upfront about telling you how crappy you're going to feel after a transplant. They were also quick to offer a lot of disclaimers: "Yes, a transplant could cure you ... but it could also fail, and then you die." Nice.

The video featured interviews with people who have had transplants as well as an actor (who was, of course, about 80 years old) portraying a transplant patient. The actor demonstrated all of the different steps in the process, including the period where transplant patients feel so awful they can't eat anything. The actor dramatically shook his head while his wife silently pleaded with him to drink a milkshake. Jay and I thought it would have added a little realism -- and maybe some extra dramatic flair -- if he would have just tossed the milkshake back in her face. Maybe I should get a job as a Mayo Clinic video director.

Anyway. Now we're all informed, and I spent the rest of the weekend strung out on dex. Imagine me saying this in a Jerry Seinfeld voice: "I hate the dex!" For some reason, I feel no difference between the 20 mg and the 40 mg. THANK GOD I only have two more weeks of this stuff, at least for a while. Evil, evil dex.


Sunshine said...

Yes! Stupid disease!

John Wagner said...

That IS the cutest blue dot I have every seen!

Stupid Disease! Stupid Cancer!