Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A dirty kid and a change in plans

Even though WCK has all of the typical issues that come with being two years old, she is typically pretty tidy and well-behaved. Today, however, we went to a park for an ice-cream social with the MOMS Club. The park featured an enormous sand box, and in the center of the box was a deep pit filled with damp, muddy sand. Of course, all of the kids were drawn immediately to the pit. I spent about an hour and a half successfully keeping WCK away from The Pit of Temptation, even though that meant I had to physically drag her away and let her sit and pout for a while. I stopped paying attention for a few minutes while Abigail showed me how to fix my Earthworm Blanket (yes, I now carry knitting around with me), and when I looked up, WCK was cheerfully sitting in the center of the pit with her friend Aidan. They were happily exchanging globs of sand, pouring it all over each other's clothing and hair, and chattering away in two-year-old language. I figured I could drag her out again, or I could run and get the camera. I ran to get the camera. WCK has never been so dirty in her life, although they were playing quietly and sharing.

In other news: I got a call from Mayo today. It seems that whoever scheduled my harvest didn't get the memo that Dr. H would be out of town the week of November 5, so the harvest had to be pushed back one week. I now start my tests on November 12. We might not make it home in time for Thanksgiving now, but I'm sure we can cook a little turkey in the apartment. It'll be fine.


Sunshine said...

Oh my, we will hope for a good Thanksgiving for you and your family.

Myeloma (and cancer) is something that happens when you had other plans. Tests, treatments, waiting for the doctor ... it all sucks up part of your life ... sometimes unexpectedly. We don't have young children anymore, but it is still difficult. You are not alone.

mplsdeanna said...

We can bring you some!! Seriously!!