Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dinosaurs and Donald's

I hope everybody had a good Labor Day weekend. We mostly hung around the house, except on Sunday when we drove down to Powell Gardens to see an exhibit called "Jurassic Garden". This was a bunch of life-sized, realistic-looking (well, as far as we know) dinosaurs on display throughout the botanical gardens. It was a really nice way to spend the morning. WCK is really into dinosaurs right now, which is so funny to me. She's been known to run screaming in terror from her Winnie-the-Pooh DVD, but a life-sized T-Rex doesn't shake her up at all. Here's a photo of one of the dinosaurs on display:

She didn't find this the least bit scary. Afterwards, we went to McDonald's (which I find a little bit scary), and I think she enjoyed that more than the dinosaurs. WCK almost never gets to go to McDonald's. She's still talking about it. "Donald's exciting," she says.

Today I was back at the Cancer Center. I know I just had a bunch of tests last week at Mayo, but I still have to go see Dr. GPO every four weeks to get my prescription renewed. Because of all of the rules and regulations with Revlimid, you can't just get refills; you have to go see the doctor every single month. Here's what I have to do every four weeks to get my 21-day supply of pills:

1) Go to the Cancer Center; have a million blood tests, including a pregnancy test, which is required by the drug company every single month. Meet with the doctor so he knows the side-effects aren't killing me.
2) Call the special oncology pharmacy in Texas to remind them that this is the week I need to renew. They then call back to let me know that they are "faxing something to the doctor."
3) Wait around for them to fax whatever to the doctor.
4) Call the drug company to take a patient survey over the phone. This is when I reassure the electronic Speak 'N Spell lady that I'm not pregnant.
5) Wait some more for the pharmacy to call back to let me know that everyone has approved everything; give them my credit card number for the co-pay; listen to the pharmacist warn me about side effects.
6) Wait around for the delivery guy to show up with the Revlimid.

As I was typing this, I realized that I DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS NEXT MONTH!! Woo hoo! I'm so excited about my drug vacation, I can't even tell you.


Karen's sister said...

A weird question: as I'm reading all those steps you have to go through, I'm thinking about how most people with myeloma are elderly. Do they have to do all this too? Even the pregnancy tests? Its down right silly.

It makes me think that if they want to curb illicit drug use in this country, then Congress should legalize everything, make it prescription only, have it covered by insurance. Then nobody will ever even have access to what are now illegal drugs. Heck, why expend all this energy doing busts along the border or shutting down meth labs? Just stick the insurance industry on them, with endless tests, piles of paperwork, and sky-high prices, and the problem is solved.

Sorry for the tangent, I just feel bad that you have to do all this every month. Its silly.

Kathy from NJ said...

You are too young to remember the devastation caused by Thalidomide (Revmalid) many years ago. It was a wonderful cure for morning sickness but babies were born missing limbs, some had little flippers coming out of their shoulders, feet that grew from the knees, there were very sad and bad birth defects caused by Thalidomide. It was never approved for use in the US, but some Americans got it in Europe and other places.

It may seem silly that you have to jump through hoops every month, but it is necessary.