Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Baby Einstein

As you know, I've been waging a war with WCK's wild hair. Actually, it's not so much waging a war as watching helplessly as the hair mocks me. I am not allowed to touch the hair. WCK's bangs had gotten so long that they'd sprouted wings. She was sporting a look that was sort of Einstein meets Farrah:

Yesterday, she actually agreed to a haircut. She sat patiently in the chair (which was shaped like a little Jeep with a picture of Cinderella on it), allowed the stylist to put a cape on her, wet down her hair, brush it, cut it, put styling product in it, and DRY IT WITH A BLOW DRIER. Obviously, this woman has magical powers, and I need to hire her to come live at our house full-time. If I even glance sideways at a hairbrush across the room, WCK screams like I'm trying to murder her. Forget trying to put a bow in her hair. Just forget it.

Although her hair was back to the Einstein phase this morning, at least it was a little bit shorter and neater. Still, I've always been so envious of all of these little girls with their neat and tidy hair in pony tails and barrettes. Then the October issue of Parents magazine arrived right on time.

I'm not sure why I subscribe to Parents, since it is pretty much a 300-page manual of all of the calamities that can befall your child: Lyme Disease, rabies, choking on an improperly sliced hot dog, scary allergies. In the Parents world, everything -- EVERYTHING -- will hurt your child. The villain this month? Barrettes!

Yes. It turns out that barrettes are a choking hazard, headbands are a strangulation hazard, and ponytail holders will give your child headaches. Woo hoo! I'm a good mother after all! Let your hair run wild, WCK. Let your hair run wild.


Sunshine said...

See! Woo Hoo... You are a good mother! Yes!

Abigail said...

I loved this issue too. No popcorn until 4 - oops. And all of those choking hazards. I think I'd better lock us up inside a padded room to make sure that we are "safe".

Brooke said...

You know, I thought WCK's hair looked a little different yesterday but I figured it was just because they were dripping in sweat at the park. Her hair is CUTE!