Saturday, August 11, 2007

The new numbers are here! The new numbers are here!

I got a few of my results over the phone yesterday. Can you guess what my M-spike is?

Ya ta ta ta ...

2.1!! YAY!

Let's review:

All-time high (in March): 4.9
June (after round 2 of Revlimid): 3.1
July (after round 3): 2.7
August (after round 4): 2.1

Woo hoo! It's now more of an M-mound, really. An M-bump. My total protein is down to 7.3, which is well within the normal range. I'll get all of the other results in the mail soon. I'll get all of this checked again in just over two weeks at Mayo on the 27th, except then I'll get the results back the same day. It will be interesting to see how much it goes down in such a short time. I'll wonder if I'll be into the ones! Right now I'm on Revlimid Vacation; round five starts Tuesday.

In other news, my mom's in town for the weekend and she loooooooves babysitting, so Jay and I were able to go out for Chinese food and then we went to see ...

I know die-hard Simpsons fans have been complaining, but I LOVED it! You don't get much more die-hard than I am. I've been in love with The Simpsons since I was 14 years old. It was just exciting to be out on a date and in a movie theater, too.


kathy said...

That is fantastic news! Keep up the good work and we will cross our fingers for Mayo results. I'm glad you guys had another night out too. Thanks Grandam M!

David E said...

Way to go on the #'s!!!

In regards to your last two posts: what if they did an animated Oz starring the Simpson's? Who would play whom?