Monday, August 06, 2007

Darn you, big salad!

I had my four-week checkup at the Cancer Center this morning. My CBC is fine, except for the stupid hemoglobin, of course. I give up! Do what you want, hemoglobin! My INR went way down, to 1.2, which is bad. It's supposed to be at least 1.5, so I have to increase my Coumadin to 5 mg a day. I blame the big salad I had over the weekend, but Dr. GPO says sunlight can affect your INR (Really? Who knew?) and everybody's INR goes way down in the summer. I had no idea. Hmm. I should get the rest of the results back by the end of the week.

Only three weeks until we go to Mayo. Then maybe I can get some answers to all of the burning questions: When is the stem-cell harvest going to be? Do I need an actual transplant? Will I ever get off these drugs? Can I at least stop taking the Evil Steroids? Stay tuned ...

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Sunshine said...

We are with you Sweetie!
There sure is a lot of sicko... we need health care...
and, what do you know, here in Minnesota we found out we need new bridges.
But I hope they do not forget we need health care .. and affordable drugs.
Love & prayers for the results next week.