Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Time to be happy

First of all, today is our nine-year wedding anniversary! Nine years! Since I look like I'm under 18, I must have gotten married when I was eight. My parents are coming this weekend to look after WCK so Jay and I can go out to dinner and a movie. Back in the olden times, we'd go out to dinner and a movie every weekend -- sometimes twice a weekend. Now it is an annual event.

The nurse called this morning with my results. I'll get a complete copy of everything in the mail so I can scrutinize every single number, but the most important number -- my M-spike -- is down to 2.7. The nurse and Dr. GPO think this is great, and Dr. GPO has been telling me all along that my response would slow down after the first couple of cycles, but I still feel a little disappointed that it didn't go down more. It was 3.1 last time, so it's only gone down .4 in one month. I guess I'm just impatient. I want that sucker gone. On the bright side, my total protein is now 8.1, which is NORMAL! Anyway, the nurse was very happy with my numbers, so I guess I should try to be happy, too:


Anonymous said...

Great news and have a great anniversary!

Brooke said...

Boy, Mark and I just celebrated 5 years and I thought that was an're way ahead of me! I'm glad to see those numbers continue to vanish:)

Jill said...

Think of it this way: it's down 45% overall! If someone lost 45% of their body weight you wouldn't even recognize them. Spike, is that you?!

Don said...

Might as well be happy, 'cause it doesn't help to be UNhappy! :-) Down is good, any down. You go girl!

Karen's sister said...

That's awesome! I'm glad to see Spike shrinking and the Godcellas taking a hike.

There's a cheesy quote I keep in my office, which is "A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step." So when discouragement hits, I remind myself to just keep plodding along and some day something will happen. Maybe Spike is just taking baby steps, slowly but surely.

kathy said...

Numbers decreasing is always good. Congratulations and celebrate in style!

John Wagner said...

Happy Anniversary, young'uns! I hope you had a terrific anniversary and have a wonderful celebration this weekend.

I know it is difficult having patience waiting for all the numbers to get to normal, but I think you are doing terrific. I'll be happy for you.

By the way, the last time someone mistook my age was ten years ago. I was 52 and was going through a cafeteria line. There was a sign that said to let the cashier know if you were born in or before 1932 to receive your senior discount. At that time, being born then would have made one 65. When I went to pay, the young girl AUTOMATICALLY gave me the senior discount. I had 13 years to go!!!! I wanted to slap that little girl -- instead, I took the discount.

David E said...
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David E said...

Good news is sometimes hard to come by, enjoy it!!!! Happy anniversary might I recommend:
Shrek 3
Pirates 3

They just don't make a good lovie movie that is appropriate for anniversaries!!