Sunday, July 15, 2007

Closer to fine

My parents were here to babysit this weekend, so Friday afternoon I went to get all of my hair cut off. It was getting a little shaggy.



Only without the bangs. And the monkey.

Friday night, Jay and I were able to go out to Genghis Khan Mongolian Barbecue and then see the new Harry Potter movie. Saturday the two of us went out to lunch and then wandered quietly through Barnes and Noble without having to chase anyone through the children's area. All of us had Minsky's pizza at home on Saturday night, so we pretty much spent all weekend eating everything in Kansas City. I figure it's OK, since it only happens once a year. Still ...

Before this weekend:


I got the complete copy of my test results in the mail, and I'm feeling a little better about that 2.7 spike, because I can see that lots of other things are improving, too. It's really nice to see my total protein listed as "normal", without the big bold type the lab uses to point out everything that's abnormal. Also, my albumin is back to normal, too, although just barely. Too-low albumin is one of the things that prompted Dr. H to start treatment. Lots of other protein-related numbers (for you myeloma buffs, these would be my Beta Globulin, A/G Ratio, Gamma Globulin, and Total Globulin) are much improved, and the last two are just barely out of the normal range now.

The coolest part of all is my IgG. IgG is a good protein that you need, but mine has so much bad stuff mixed in it that it is way too high. I haven't seen my IgG results since March. My all-time high was over 5400 (normal is 700 - 1600) and now it is 2476! It's down by more than half! Also, my other "good" proteins (IgA and IgM) were dropping too low, because all that IgG was crowding them out. Now my IgA is just barely normal, and my IgM is almost there.

Maybe someday I will be all-the-way normal. What's that like?


Abigail said...

Hey, who wants to be normal any way? Doing the happy dance for the test results.

Brooke said...

Love the new hair, the good news and the Indigo Girls inspired title:)