Thursday, July 19, 2007

Arrrr, baby!

Yesterday WCK and I were headed out of Hy-Vee when I stopped to dig my car keys out of the diaper bag. I didn't realize that I had stopped the cart right in front of an enormous rum display featuring a life-sized pirate who was glaring down on us. WCK did not care for the pirate at all. "No, no, Mommy!" she said. "Don't like it!" I explained that he was a pirate and that he was just pretend. All the way out to the car WCK could not stop talking about the pirate at the grocery store. Once we were in the car, I told her that pirates were fun, and they said, "Arrrr, matey!"

WCK found this hilarious. "Arrrr, baby!" she exclaimed. And that is how we drove home:

ME: Arrrr, matey!
WCK: Arrrr, baby!
ME: Arrrr, matey!
WCK: Arrrr, baby!

Just another step in my plan to warp my child's mind.


Sunshine said...

Momma, you are a delight!!

John said...

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