Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rock on!

This morning, WCK, Grandma Kathy, and I went to the park to see a concert featuring Mr. Stinky Feet:

As I've mentioned before, Mr. Stinky Feet is sort of like Elvis to the under-five crowd in the Kansas City area. The kids go nuts for him. WCK went absolutely wild dancing. She was a maniac, maniac on the floor.

He opened with the powerful anthem, "Put Down the Binky", which not only totally rocked, it also carried a valuable social message as well. (Message: Binkies are totally uncool). I hope WCK was paying attention. She was probably too busy dancing or trying to escape to the playground. Maybe I need to buy the CD.


Brooke said...

I'm so bummed we missed it! Maybe Aidan and WCK could have "fast danced" together. I don't think Stinky Feet does ballads, so WCK wouldn't have had to worry about Aidan putting the moves on her:)

Renee said...

We downloaded "Put Down the Binky" and a few other Mr. Stinky Feet songs from Itunes. Everytime I play the CD I made Abby insists I skip the "binky song". I think she's in denial. I'm searching for a binky anonymous meeting in the area - I'll let you know when I find one:0)

He does have some ballads, but I think he resists playing at the concerts to avoid all those toddlers smootching on the dance floor!