Thursday, June 21, 2007

My eyeball is safe ... but for how long?

Jay's mom has been here all week playing tirelessly with WCK so that I can do stuff like run child-free errands, sit quietly and pay bills, walk on the treadmill, and read books that do not feature Elmo as the main character.

Today I was able to cash in the massage gift card that Jay and WCK got me for Mother's Day. The massage was great, of course, but I made the mistake of watching Jay's DVD of The Godfather last week. I then developed a secret fear that I'd be lying on the massage table and a gangster would burst into the room and shoot me right in the eyeball. Scoff if you will, but I'm now a very powerful stay-at-home mom, and you never know if the head of a rival stay-at-home moms' group would be out for revenge. Plus, in an absolutely horrible moment the other day, I accidentally ran over a bunny on I-29. The bunny could have powerful friends.

Fortunately, I survived the massage. I guess I can cross Eyeball Shooting on a Massage Table off my long list of fears from The Godfather. The list also includes dead horses, toll booths, and cars that might explode when I start them. Goodness knows, though, that I'm still afraid of clown dolls after watching Poltergeist in 1982, so it could take a while to get over it.

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David E said...

Just don't go out in a rowboat with your sister.