Friday, June 15, 2007

Drunk with power

Today I got elected Administrative Vice President of the stay-at-home moms' group I belong to. I worked really hard to run a vicious, underhanded, mud-slinging campaign, which wasn't easy, considering I ran unopposed. Actually, everyone who ran for office ran unopposed, but we still had to hold the election, according to our rules. I guess I never did hear what the official result was, because as the meeting wound down, WCK took off for the exit screaming, "Bye bye!" and we had to go. I need to teach her to have more respect for the democratic process. Maybe after potty training.

Anyway, I'm just going to assume that I won. What does my new position mean? Mainly, if the president of the stay-at-home moms' group falls off a cliff or something, then I'll be the most powerful stay-at-home mom in the local neighborhoods west of Highway 169. Also, I have to plan the group's service projects. Of course, I'm thinking some kind of bone-marrow, blood-drive thing, but if you have any ideas of projects that would be good for moms and kids to do, let me know.

Speaking of bone marrow, my brother-in-law, who joined the National Marrow Donor Registry last fall, got a call that he might be a potential donor for someone. He has to have some more blood tests to find out. They told him he only has a 10 percent chance of matching and that it could be a couple months before they let him know. Still, I think this is really exciting news. It just goes to show that if you sign up, you really could get the call to help someone.

Anyway. Now I'm going to go sit around and feel powerful.


Abigail said...

So, just a minute. That means if you and Brooke were to fall off a cliff or happen to fall into a river together then I would have all the power. Mmm. Maybe a field trip along the Missouri river is in order...*Insert evil laugh*

Brooke said...

I don't trust either of you:)

John Wagner said...

Karen, I don't know if I can keep reading your Blog. I am catching up on a week of reading and I see you have turned mean. First you beat down protein, then you try to kill spike and finally I read you are drunk and fighting dirty. You have convinced me to never add Revlimid as part of my chemo regime even though some are using it for leukemia. Those natural killer T Cells are just running all through your body and taking over your sweet personality. You need to put a rating warning at the top of your Blog, at least an R for violence.

Seriously, I am very, very happy to read all the wonderful news and to see that things are definitely moving in the right direction. Congratulations!

Karen's sister said...

I can see it now... Karen working her way up through the ranks, eventually dissolving the democracy to fulfill her imperial aspirations. :)

No really, this sound like a fun post to fill! Its not easy to coordinate all those wiggly toddlers.